Age is just a chapter number in your book of life

Age is simply a way for us to reference events in our past like chapter and page numbers in a book.

After we transition from childhood to adulthood and ultimately elderhood the power of age on how, what and when we can do things is diluted.

Taking power away from AGE is a great step forward in creating an exciting and positive view of your future.

It helps to negate the debilitating effects of ageism that is not only inflicted upon us by society but also ourselves.

Take back your freedom to write your own life script !!!

You can control your aging – Part 1 of 2

Physically aging is a fact of living however becoming an old person is completely up to you.  It is directly dependent on your core state of mind which in turn is dependent on your beliefs regarding aging and old age.  This is the first part of a two part series showing you how to defer old age as far into the future as possible.

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Kicking old age to the curb


Exercise is good for more than your waist line

It seems that exercise is not just something you do if you want to look hot on the beach.  Research scientists have determined that exercise does more than contribute to keeping your heart healthy and your weight down.  They are now agreed that it is the number one magic ingredient in maintaining a healthy brain and minimizing your risk of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases.

They have not been able to unequivocally quantify the exact type, duration and regularity of exercise but a research scientist at the Lou Ruvo Brain Center in Las Vegas recommends:

“………. constant regular exercise is best, e.g. 30 mins walking at a moderate pace every day.  Walking 60 minutes every other day is not going to do it. The trick is REGULAR and CONSISTENCY. ”  

 Exercise copy

Timeless Beauty

I have been absent from this blog for a couple of months because I have been deeply involved in two vastly different projects.  The first project is a wonderful project celebrating the beauty of women who have experienced life for more than four decades, and exemplify what it is to be youthful and exciting regardless of the years that have flown by.   The  project culminated in publishing a wonderful book that tells the stories of twelve Las Vegas woman who have overcome personal adversity and are living proof that you are as beautiful as you feel.

Maticia Sudah is the brain child behind the project, Sharon Chayra is the author who worked with each lady in telling their personal story and yourstrully is the photographer.   My brief was to portray each woman as naturally as they were comfortable with and capture their inner and outer beauty.

I was honored to be the one to capture the beauty of these wonderful women for all eternity.

The photo collage is comprised of a mix of ages ranging from 50 – 90 – incredible isn’t it 🙂

 timeless beauty

Why are some people old at 40 and others young at 90?

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Earlier this week I was asked to join Wayne Kelly on the Canadian morning radio show The Wayne and Jane Show to answer this question regarding people having different views on what is old.

Here is the link to the interview:



The main reason why people have such a different point of view about aging is that aging is PERSONAL.  It is a product of our state of mind and our state of mind has 2 fundamental states:

(a)   Core state of mind – this is your basic personality – e.g. you are a glass half full or half empty person, or you are an optimist or pessimist – these are your core characteristics that filter and influence your experience of the world around you.  Your core state of mind is shaped by your beliefs, and your beliefs are shaped by your experience of the world, e.g.  if your grandparents and other  family members all live through to their 90’s, there is good chance that you will grow up believing that will be kicking around in your 90’s, and unconsciously you will conduct your life accordingly.

Another less upbeat example is about a lady I know who is very worried about turning 40; she is always bemoaning the onset of her 40’s  and  her birthday is not for another 9 months!  Unfortunately, if she continues down this path she will have completely   convinced her unconscious that she will be old when she turns 40. There is a good chance that she is conveying to her unconscious that 40 is old at least 100 times a day. Wouldn’t you feel brain washed if someone was doing that to you 24/7.  Sadly, she is already showing signs of aging in her daily decision making.

I have been involved in living younger longer for many years and I have been quietly programming my mother’s unconscious to believe that she will live to at least 100 years of age.  I do this by casual remarks such as – you have another 20 years to go before we have to worry about a retirement home.  Mum has completely bought into this and only retired from the work force a couple of years ago at the age of 80.  We joke that she is hanging out for her 100th birthday congratulatory telegram from the Queen 🙂

(b)   Temporary state of mind – this is a transient state and can change constantly throughout the day, i.e. you feel miserable because you have the flu; right now I feel old because I had a serious kick boxing class last night and I have to use the balustrade when coming up the stairs.

The deal is that aging is personal and is subject to your beliefs – and this is great news !!  – because it  means that you can manipulate it and change your aging.

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Chapter 2 continued – What kind of old do you want to be?

I was discussing the issue of living younger longer with a colleague who is into health coaching.  She explained, that she often comes across people in their 50’s and 60’s who have decided that, they would rather live life their way than make healthful changes, and if that meant they would die 10 years earlier than their health aware counterparts then so be it.

I have also heard similar comments from people over the years, and on the surface it seems perfectly OK; however there is a basic flaw in this argument to ignore healthful change. The people who would rather stay as they are, and simply die earlier than their healthful thinking friends are making their decision on the assumption that they will remain as fit and healthy as they are today until they day they die.  This maybe true for some of them, however there is a distinct possibility and probability that their health and quality of life will deteriorate and continue to do so until they die.

If we could stay as we are today until it was time to clock out we would all be happy to live life unfettered however that isn’t the case.

It sounds trite to say this but it is true – think of your physical body as a car – if you were to use the car you were given on the day you were born every day since that time, and you did nothing but basic maintenance like washing and filling up with gas, what would it be like today?  You know it would be an old clunker and lack the performance you need for today.  Compare this to someone who seriously looked after their car, servicing it, keeping it out of the weather, immediately repairing little issues before they become larger ones.

You don’t have to be reckless, driving it hard and treating it with disregard for it to transform from that shiny new speedster to an old out of date bomb (Aussie for old wreck of a car). Time simply erodes the car a little every day, however like a car, you can decide to refurbish and restore it back to its former glory.  It won’t look like it did when it left the showroom but it will certainly last a lot longer and perform in keeping with your requirements of the day.  Seriously, I have even seen and met restored cars and re-energized people that have actually improved from the original model.

What I am saying is that you need to take a serious look at your body, your life, your future, your lifestyle and make a conscious decision as to how you want to age, and then do something about it.

I just attended a series of lectures on healthy aging at the Cleveland Clinic, Lou Ruvo Brain Center here is Las Vegas. The most alarming fact I picked up, is that the medical research faculty have predicted that 33% of people who reach the age of 80 will have Alzheimers, and by the time you get to 85, your chance of having Alzheimer’s goes up to 60%.

6 out of 10 people will have some form of Alzheimer’s

The good news is that YOU can do something about it before it is too late.  There are many factors that influence your chance of NOT succumbing to this illness however the number one is EXERCISE.  The professor explained that they have determined constant regular exercise is best, e.g. 30 mins walking at a moderate pace every day.  Walking 60 minutes every other day is not going to do it. The trick is REGULAR and CONSISTENCY.   

Some of the key factors that increase your chance of Alzheimer’s are:

  • age
  • diabetes
  • head trauma
  • high cholesterol
  • hypertension
  • gender (females are more inclined than males)

Start thinking younger today and give yourself the time to work on increasing your chances of being one of the four out of ten living a great life without Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimers copy

Chapter 2 – What does being old look like to you?

Before you can reset your inner clock and learn how to  live younger longer you need to check into your current mind set on what being ‘old’ means to you. 

Here are a few questions to help you paint the picture and feel the feeling of being of what being 80 plus means to you.


  • Are you happy?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you have family and friends to connect with?
  • Are you stressed over life?
  • Are you counting down the days?
  • Are you beating yourself up with regret?


  • Are you overweight or did you manage to keep it under control?
  • Are you able to get around without the aid of a walking frame?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you have a laundry list of medicines you have to take daily?
  • Are you able to look after yourself?
  • Are you able to join your family in outings and events?
  • Can you live unassisted?


  • Do you have enough money to do the things you want to do?
  • Are you dependent on the government pension?
  • Can you pay for your daily living?
  • Do you have ‘rainy day’ savings?


  • What do you do with your time?
  • Where do you live?
  • What type of place do you live in?
  • Do you live alone or with someone?

Now close your eyes, take a couple of slow deep breaths, and imagine youself as chronologically 80 or older. To help with the experience, add some feeling to it, e.g. if you see yourself living on the government pension then imagine how you feel now when you have to think twice or bypass buying soemthing that you want or more importantly need. When you have this feeling project it into the future and apply it to everyday not just now and then.  Once you are on the government old age pension it is probably a done deal unless you win first prize in lotto. 

What images came to mind when you projected your throughts into the future’?   

Did you imagine a wonderful healthy exciting 80th birthday or was it more sobering?

You are probably wondering what this exercise has to do with thinking younger longer.  The answer is twofold:

  • You need to think ahead so that you have time to plan and work towards the future you want.
  • If your future does not seem so wonderful, you now have a reason and time to change your future by changing your state of mind and habits today.

‘Change requires a big enough WHY before you have any chance of changing!’


‘We humans are more motivated by fear and pain than we are of happiness and pleasure.’

You are so busy with today and what you are doing later in the week, month or year that you probably never seriously think about what it is going to be like when your Old Age Express train pulls into the ‘old age’ station.  You are not alone.None of us wants to think about being old, wrinkly, losing our independence, budgeting on the government pension, and it just seems so far away.

I remember seeing my Chinese grandma counting her pennies trying to work out if she had enough money to buy milk and bread at the same time.  It brings me to tears even now as I am writing this post. It doesn’t seem fair that a woman who has lived for 92 years, survived 2 wars, escaped Communism, raised two boys, resulting in 10 grand-children and many great grand-children couldn’t enjoy the simple things like buying bread and milk in her twilight years without worry. 

 Does it seem right to you?  Is this going to be you in a few years time?


Chapter 2 Being Old Negative copy

Chapter 1 conclusion


Following on from the Chapter 1 Enemy #1 Advertisers, we will take a quick look at some of the other toxic feeders to your premature aging…………..


Television Programs

Unfortunately most television shows follow the same stereotypical script writing and casting as the advertisers.  People who are middle aged or older are depicted as less intelligent, bumbling, less physically attractive and uncomfortable with technology. They are usually poorly dressed, do not have a career, difficult to get along with but are great baby sitters.   The sad aspect to this stereotyping is that your unconscious is picking this up and these messages help it to formulate your idea of what old age is and where you are relative to this interpretation. 


Society is changing according to popular media -it is the land of the young – and the more they push it the more everyone believes it the more it changes to meet the global picture.  Youth is great and we are working towards ramping up our youthful state of mind however the more you buy into the concept that over 30 is over the hill, the more you will see yourself as over the hill and that state of  mind comes with a whole load of toxic baggage.  

A few years ago leading female actors were complaining that there were not enough roles for them and that hitting 50 was not a good career move.  Well we live in a fast world as just last year, 2012, Erin Sullivan the star of ‘Legally Blonde’ live show, was reported as saying in the Star News OnLine:  

“Finally, it’s back to New York in August to “hit the ground running again,” Sullivan said, half-jokingly complaining that she’ll be “competing against 19-, 20-, 21-year-olds” at the age of “dirty 30.”  

Looks like only children will be starring in our movies and television in the coming years.  Once again, your unconscious is picking up on these stereotypes of the young and the not so young. It is translating and adding these interpretations to your core beliefs, and it is these beliefs that have a massive influence on your experience of your environment and your state of mind.


This is the newest and fastest mover in the bias top ten, sitting just below racism and sexism.   Ageism is the community and industry bias against people they feel are too old and sometimes too young for a given scenario.   Refer to my earlier post specifically on ageism.  

Language, Terminology and Your Interpretation

 The terms senior citizen and seniors have been around for decades and commonly refer to people who are more than 60 years of age.   The general assumption is that seniors are people who have reached that stage in life referred to as old age.   65 and over is that point in time when the government ‘old-age’ benefit program kicks in.  Interestingly, the old-age benefits come from the federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance program.

This stereotypical definitions of old-age, senior citizen, senior and retirement have been with us for centuries however our environment has changed considerably and it does not serve us to maintain these outdated meanings.

One of our most toxic outdated beliefs is the retirement age of 65.  This was introduced by Prince Otto Von Bismarck and the German government in 1889.  They wanted to show their citizens that they were a benevolent government so they introduced the concept of retirement and retirement benefits.  In hindsight it was obvious that the Prince had no intention of paying out as they set the retirement age at 65 knowing full well that life expectancy at that point in time was 49 at best.  That is when and how the retirement concept started.   Recently, governments have started moving the retirement age further into the future and at the time of writing this the official retirement age in the USA depends on when you were born, however it ranges from 66 to 68.

Our environment and life expectancy has changed considerably over the past one hundred and twenty years however the majority of us have not updated our thinking.  We are complacent sitting on the Old Age Express with our family and friends quietly zooming through the years. 


Financial Institutions


Financial institutions are also complicit in the propagation of the PAV.  Surprising isn’t it? 

How do these large commercial entities benefit from aging us prematurely? Revenue is the answer.

We all know that we would do more to avoid pain than to experience pleasure, and that fear is our principal driver.  The reality is that life insurance companies and medical insurance companies also know this and it forms the basis for their most effective income earning strategies. 

The earlier they scare us into believing we are moving into old age the earlier they start earning money from our premiums and contributions.

The same goes for medical insurance.  These companies have a vested interest in convincing us that we are rapidly growing old, and that with old age comes a host of expensive illnesses that we need to insure against.

The paint a fearful picture of what it is to be old and the earlier they can convince us of this the more profitable their bottom line.  The reality is that we are subjected to these types of advertisements and sales tactics on a daily basis. Our unconscious quietly takes these negative messages on board and eventually our beliefs about ourselves and our mortality are negatively impacted. 


Note to Self

Once your beliefs change, your experience of the world around you changes and so follows your future.

How about being a little more aware of what your unconscious is tuning into and filter out some of those negative aging messages and stereotypes.


Chapter 1 continued

Following on from the Chapter 1   post we are now going to look at the 8 most toxic feeders to your premature aging virus (PAV) starting with …………..


Enemy #1 – Advertisers


You may not actively listen or watch the advertisements on television or read the adverts in your magazines and newspapers however your unconscious is taking it all in. Advertising companies use stereotyping and categorizing when designing their campaigns.  This is because it is the most expeditious way to make their pitch in sixty seconds.   A stereotype is a generally accepted set of characteristics defining a group.  As individuals we also use stereotypes and categories to make sense of the world.  We know that people are individuals and do not always conform to the stereotypical however we generally don’t have the time or the inclination to differentiate unless it is of direct relevance to our conscious self. The added unfortunate aspect to stereotyping in advertising is that they often exaggerate the group characteristics that best suit their agenda.  The use of stereotypes in advertising applies to all forms of traditional and electronic media.


What is the stereotype for people who are 50+?  Have you seen the advert showing a friendly smiley couple dressed in Argyle sweaters hugging mugs of hot coco discussing insuring their kids against funeral expenses?   Have you seen how people who need walkers and canes are always depicted as elderly?  The list goes on forever.


The exciting lifestyle adverts in the majority of instances depict happy colorful people under the age of thirty-five, and on the odd occasion when an older person participates in an advert their character is depicted as slow, doddery and old fashioned.  How many prescription drug adverts portray middle-aged and elderly people in a negative light? Our unconscious responds to this stereotype, translating the images for our brain and enhancing our internal representation of what it is to be young and alive versus old and out of date.  Over a week let alone a lifetime, your unconscious is continually bombarded with these images which have a direct affect on your state of being and your beliefs about age and where you are in your time line.  It is hard to fight the tidal wave of stereotypical advertising but your life may depend on it.

  Awareness is the first step in the fight for your life.


I would love to hear about other examples of stereotyping people over 50 as old, unhealthy, in  a negative light. If you have examples please leave a comment and it could get into the book as your contribution to the fight against premature aging.   cheers Roz




Chapter 1: The Premature Aging Virus

The following post is the first extract from Reset Your Inner Clock and Jump off the Old Age Express.


Chapter 1:  The Premature Aging Virus™

There is a good chance that you have had the Premature Aging Virus™ (PAV) or a strain of it ever since the day you were born. The PAV is a man made virus which makes sure you are moving through life in accordance with your family, ethnicity, culture, gender, and birth year. 

 The literal meaning of PAV according to the * Webster’s Dictionary is:

  • ·         Premature:    Mature or ripe before the proper time – happening, arriving, existing or performed before the proper time – arriving or received without due authentication or evidence – uncommonly early.
  • ·          Aging:            The organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age.
  • ·          Virus:             Contagious or poisonous matter – the causative agent of a disease – any morbid corrupting quality in intellectual or moral conditions; something that poisons the mind or the soul.

 *              Webster’s 1913 On-line Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary, subset of meanings.

 Sounds nasty doesn’t it, and well it should because it could easily rob you of decades of productive and exciting life.  Premature Aging Virus ™ (PAV) is the term I have created to describe how your environment works with your unconscious to prematurely age you.    

The gist of it is that your environment feeds your unconscious every second of your waking life. In the majority of cases this happens without you being remotely aware or concerned, as you and your conscious self are busy getting on with whatever it is that you do. The sad fact is that while you are busy living life your unconscious is unfettered busily sucking-up information from your surroundings, translating it into neuron speak and storing these interpretations for possible use at a later date.

 Your unconscious mind is capable of processing in excess of 11,000,000 bits of information per second as compared to your conscious brain which is pushing it to process 16 – 50 bits per second.  Just this fact alone is enough to give you nose bleed. Right now you are wondering how on earth can you vet this amount of information your unconscious is sucking up and continue to have brain power left to eat and breath.  True this is an impossible task if it is as black and white as the figures make it seem, however fortunately for you and me the solution is in the detail.   Before we get into how this works we need to understand more about the PAV and its relationship with the Old Age Express.

 The Old Age Express is the vehicle that picks you up the day you are born and takes you through life, stopping or passing through ages like stations on a train line.  Just like passengers on a real train you settle in and watch the country side zoom by.  It doesn’t take long for the rhythmic sound of the train and the gentle rocking motion to dull your senses as you leave the speed and route up to the driver.    

 A typical Old Age Express journey for someone born in Western society during the 50’s and 60’s goes like this:

  • ·         Station 4 – pre-school
  • ·         Station 5 – primary school
  • ·         Stations 11 – 14 junior high school
  • ·         Stations 15 – 17 college or working
  • ·         Stations 18 – 20 university or working
  • ·         Stations 21 – 30 start career, marriage, start family
  • ·         Stations 31 – 40 career peaks and family matures
  • ·         Stations 41 – 50 career slowing down, family spread out
  • ·         Stations 51 – 65 career growth stopping, moving towards redundancy and retirement
  • ·         Stations 66 – 85 – retired, old age, end of the line

 Obviously there are thousands of variations to this life time line but the key stations are pretty much a constant. Take a good look at it. You spend your first twenty years getting to be an adult, you then get to spend only twenty years in full flight as an adult and then you spend the remaining forty-five years on the way out.   Does this seem fare to you?  Sure doesn’t look good to me.

 There are certain stages in your early years that make good sense to stay on the train however by the time you are in your twenties you could potentially jump off the train and take control of your life time line and aging process. 


Exercise: Now is a good time for you to draw up your personal train line so far. Start as far back as you can remember and stop where you are at now; you are going to need it later on.  Don’t spend hours on it just headings or bullet points will do, and if you are feeling ambitious, predict what your future stations will be if you stay on the train. At the top of your page please add the date and time you mapped out this version of your train line.


If you have not reached conventional middle age please stay with us it means that you are one of the lucky ones who can make an impact much earlier in your life’s journey. For the most part I will assume that you are chronologically 45 – 65, and living in the Western world.  Growing up in Asia and in the East is somewhat different however I believe the train concept still prevails.  The impact of the Premature Aging Virus™ increases intensity around middle age, sometimes earlier depending on your environment and your lifestyle.


The PVA is a composite of inputs to your unconscious which influences your beliefs, your decision making and your experience of the world.  It is fed by your surroundings, your family, friends, the media, government, insurance companies, banks, medical profession, in short, everything.

 Scary isn’t it? Can you see how people and events surrounding you have at times influenced your opinions and then your beliefs?  The PAV is insidious and works like a virus which attacks your computer and jams up your system over a period of time – it is not until your computer comes to a grinding halt that you start to wonder what happened and set about virus protecting your computer.  You don’t think twice about protecting your computer so how about transferring some of that love and attention to your true personal computer, you.

 The next post will reveal the 8 key feeders of the Premature Aging Virus.


Live Younger Longer


How to Reset Your Inner Clock and Jump off the Old Age Express

This is the time when the rubber meets the road.  January 2013 is only 2 weeks away – lets make this year the year you get back 10, 15, 20 years of your life!  I have done it and I can attest to the most incredible wonderful benefits of resetting my inner clock and reclaiming years.   

There are 11 chapters in Reset Your Inner Clock which take you from awareness to jumping off the Old Age Express before it reaches the end of the line.  Each week, starting Jan 1st 2013 through to March 12th  I will post a chapter summary taking you through the entire book BEFORE it is launched.

This is a great opportunity for you to become aware and take control of your life time line.

I encourage you to get involved with your future life (which starts now), and to also help others and me by contributing your thoughts and experiences so that collectively we can learn, support each other and keep our mesage of living younger longer on point.

 IMG_2626 blog


Successful Aging

Successful aging is a term I have been thinking about a great deal lately.  Anti-aging and longevity are popular terms which we come across nearly everyday, however successful aging is rarely mentioned.   What is successful aging?  A pair of research analysts Rowe and Kahn declared that:

 “Successful aging as being free from disease or disease-related disability, experiencing high cognitive and physical functioning, and engaging actively with life.”

 I believe that successful aging is much broader than this definition and more importantly it is personal.  Success is one of those words that  varies with the individual and the instance, however a generic definition might be:

 “Success is to achieve one’s desired outcome or better.”

What do you consider are your key characteristics of successful aging?  If you have never thought about it I suggest now is a good time, unless you want to just live longer under any conditions.

Who wants to live longer and be miserable?

It is never too late to think about tomorrow and to start making little changes to move you closer to your goals and desires.  A great analogy which demonstrates the power of a small shift is travelling from one city to another, e.g. New York to LA.  Draw a straight line between the two cities, and then draw another line which starts one degree up from your original starting position. As you draw this second line, notice how it changes your end point and your journey. Sometimes all it takes is a small seemingly insignificant change to give you a monumental shift.

Think about what successful aging means to you, and follow this up with thinking about the little shifts you may need to implement to ensure you move closer to your version of successful aging.

Some of the aspects you may want to consider in your definition of successful aging could be: 

  • being able to take care of oneself
  • level of health and fitness
  • ongoing friendships
  • financial independence
  • relationship with your family
  • involvement with community or mankind
  • acceptance of one’s pending mortality
  • being able to continue to live by your standards
  • continual learning and growing
  • feeling useful
  • not feeling lonely or isolated
  • maintaining healthy self esteem
  • where are you living
  • what are you doing.

 **  The earlier you start thinking about your future the better off your future will be. **


Baby Boomer Divorce Wave Headed for a Tsunami

It seems that the divorce rate increased rapidly with the Baby Boomer wave and is picking up momentum as the wave reaches retirment and beyond.  In previous generations, the main cause of married older men and women finding themselves single was due to the death of their spouse.  These days it is more likely due to divorce.  A few of the easily understood reasons for this are; women are more able to fend for themselves financially, the ’empty nest’ phase is much longer and our patience is stretched to breaking point and divorce is far more acceptable in our society. 

You however do not have to become another statistic and get wiped out by the wave.  The upside to this latest statistic for you is awareness.  You now know what the trend is and you also know that you can now do something about it.

The first step is for you and your life partner to spend a few minutes to map out your individual life timeline and what you see are the most significant upcoming stations.  Remember, the Old Age Express stations we talked about in an earlier blog post.

The second step is to compare the train line and stations.  If they match beautifully then stop reading this post and go out together and have some fun, on the other hand if there are some mismatches or surprises, you need to put on a pot of coffee, tune out the rest of the world and talk about your future stations in life.  Talking and even more importantly listening are the magic keys to opening the door to the path of solving many problems, including how to avoid being a divorce tsunami statistic. 

Developing a joint plan on living younger longer is an exciting project and the enthusiasm more than doubles when you hold hands and jump off the old Age Express together. 

 Not bad for a couple of Baby Boomers 🙂

Interview with Wayne Kelly – Wayne and Jayne Show

Recently I was fortunate to be invited to speak with Wayne Kelly on his morning radio program The Wayne and Jayne Show.  We discussed why the media, big business and the government are working so hard and spending so much money on aging baby boomers before their time. And the worst thing is…many baby boomers are buying into it.

Click the following link possibly twice depending on your system. At the end of the inteview use your back button to get back to this post to claim your free report.


What do you think about this premature aging by our society?

To get your free report please leave your name and email address below and I will email it to you.



Doubt and the Adventurer

Yesterday was a very unusual day for me. It is the type of day that happens every few years. I was feeling down, out of sorts and homesick, even teary eyed.  Every Christmas song and golden oldie on the radio made me think of mum and how I love and miss her so much. For a fleeting moment I even contemplated dropping all my commitments in Las Vegas and jumping on a Qantas jet and going home to Oz.  I wasn’t interested in talking to anyone and when I did, I said it as I saw it rather than my usual tactful upbeat manner.  I even left a photo shoot workshop after only an hour which is very odd.  Driving home, my subconscious was so preoccupied that I didn’t even have the energy to get upset with the night road works causing me to sit in traffic for 30 minutes. 

I just couldn’t make sense of it.  I should be happy and excited. I had worked very hard over the past couple of months to launch Bunker’s Cobra Culture Fashion label, photographed 11 tastefully semi-nude women for an Over 40 and Fabulous coffee table book, put together the launch for a fashion show to be held in Las Vegas in January, travelled to Paris France and managed to get my Outlook intray down to 7 emails.  I even sorted out my 3 year battle with Telstra (Australia’s largest telecom company).  So why was I feeling so down and thoughts of walking along the beach with mum running through my mind in an endless loop?

I went to bed thinking about why and woke up with the answer.  Don’t you love it when this happens.

 The answer is FEAR.

I had finally cleared the deck, followed through on all my commitments to other people and even filed my tax return. All of a sudden I had to step up to the plate and work on my own projects.  I had no more road blocks and my subconscious started shaking in its boots and figured the only way out was to make me feel sad and blue and run away.


Now that I know that it was my subconscious fearful of the next major steps in my lifelong passion to help people feel good about themselves and live younger longer I was back in ACTION.

Knowing the cause allows you to find a solution and the solution to FEAR is ACTION.

I’m back and I am excited.

Where does time go?

Summer is ending yet again. How many summers have I missed? How many times have I said I don’t have time to walk along the beach at sunset, or drive into the cooler rain forest for a BBQ with mates? How many times have I not even noticed the passing of time, until mum calls to tell me I have missed some important family event? There is always something to do, some deadline waiting to cut me off at the pass, some event I need to prepare for in the comings months. Though I have to admit, that since starting my second lifetime I am more in the present and not so tightly wound, however it takes conscious thought.

Yesterday I remembered some words of wisdom from my Chinese grandma, and I walked away from my computer and went hiking in Red Rock Canyon about 30 minutes from home. When nanna reached her mid 80’s the family decided it was time for her to move into a Senior Assisted Living complex; which is a great story in and of itself.  I was consulting to a Silicon Valley IT company at the time and constantly travelling around the world with not a lot of down time in Australia. Finally I made it home and paid Nana a visit.  She took one look at me and asked why I was so pale and tired for someone so young. I apologised for not visiting her sooner and explained that the pressure of work had me flat out.  She looked up at me with her rummy eyes and simply said, ‘When you die, work will keep going.’

Guess she was right, my computer didn’t leave home, the world didn’t implode and I can even say that I managed to get out over the summer 🙂



Meeting Your Older You

Look to the future for just a moment.  If you were to meet your 80 year old self, what would he/she say to you? 

Would they be excited and grateful to you for taking such good care of your mind and body, that being 80 was a breeze and not the horror story that others are living?  

The other possibility is that you would be ducking for cover and wishing you had never asked how they were as you are flooded with their never ending list of illnesses, concerns, things they can’t do, regrets, and the beat goes on…..

It doesn’t matter where you are in your time line now,  so long as you are breathing you have an opportunity to make a change or two so that your future you is just that much happier and able.   What can you do today to make tomorrow better?

If you want to take it further, read the chapter on your future you in Reset Your Inner Clock when it is released early 2013. 

My Mum – Maybe my older self if I am lucky

Performing in Accordance with Expectations

We have all heard the story of the failing students who turned into honor students when their new teacher mistakingly believed they were the honors class.  It is true. We humans generally try to meet people’s expectations of us, albeit positive or negative.  Think, have you ever done something out of spite just because no matter what you did or said, the other person was convinced you would do. How about the time you went on a diet and your best mate said that you would give in when it came to chocolate? When the time came, did you say to yourself, ‘I may as well eat the chocolate because that’s what I do.’ 

We probably spend most of our time trying to meet everyone’s expectations of us, however when was the last time you considered what YOU EXPECT OF YOURSELF?  Hmm, interesting isn’t it. 

 In Reset Your Inner Clock we go into this extensively because it is one of the major factors promoting your premature aging, but don’t wait for the book, start now.    

I suggest that you take out your personal note book – yes you will need one – and jot down some of your self expectations.  Classify them as either positive or negative, and try re-framing or replacing the negative ones, starting today.

Note: The guitarist here is giving it everything he has because he is playing with the 80’s hit band Survivor, and he knows the live audience is expecting great things and he naturally wants to deliver. He was brilliant 🙂


Jump off the Old Age Express NOW!!

A typical Old Age Express journey for someone born in Western society during the 50’s and 60’s goes like this:

  • Station 4 – pre-school
  • Station 5 – primary school
  • Stations 11 – 14 junior high school
  • Stations 15 – 17 college or working
  • Stations 18 – 20 university or working
  • Stations 21 – 30 start career, marriage, start family
  • Stations 31 – 40 career peaks and family matures
  • Stations 41 – 50 career slowing down, family spread out
  • Stations 51 – 65 career growth stopping, moving towards redundancy and retirement
  • Stations 66 – 85 – retired, old age, end of the line

Racism, Sexism and now Ageism

This is the newest and fastest mover in the bias top ten, sitting just below racism and sexism.   Ageism* is the community and industry bias against people they feel are too old.  It is a process of stereotyping and discriminating against people because they are old or older than desirable.   From a definitional perspective ageism is like racism or sexism in that it treats people differently based on stereotypes about a group.

Ageism appears in many forms. A few examples below illustrate how the behavior of an older person is described in an ageist manner, where the same behavior by a younger person is explained without stereotypes. When an older person forgets someone’s name, they are viewed as senile; however when a younger person fails to recall a name, we usually say he or she has a faulty memory. When an older person complains about a particular incident, they are called cranky and difficult, while a younger person may simply be seen as being critical. If an older person has trouble hearing, they are  dismissed as “getting old,” rather than having difficulty with her hearing.

Please contribute to this very important issue by adding some real life examples of ageism that you have either experienced personally or know of.

This is not going away unless we fight back !

*Ageism also applies to people they feel are too young.



Hot Topics

Reset Your Inner Clock – the real secrets to anti-aging.

Ever wondered where the time went?   One minute you are in your 30’s and 40’s with a great future and the next minute you are in your 50’s and 60’s wondering what happened. Your future arrived much faster than you thought possible and maybe not quite as shiny as you had hoped. The book is a detailed explanation of how we age and how we slow it down and  get back some of those valuable middle age years. The blog gives you snippets and the book puts it altogether in an easy to follow step by step plan. 

The book is due for launch early 2013.  If you would like to get a pre-release e-book copy before then please leave your email details in our Join Us section and we will email you as soon as it becomes available.

Live younger now,




Life Olympians

Our first Life Olympian award goes to Aussie Eva McConnell just celebrated her 110th birthday !!  Way to go girl !!

Mollymook’s Eva McConnell celebrated an extraordinary milestone of reaching the age of 110.

Eva is an IRT In-Home Care client who lives with her very supportive daughter and son-in-law. She is the matriarch of a large clan including six children, 13 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren and 34 great-great-grandchildren. Eva is believed to be the oldest person in Australia still living at home.

Eva was still chopping wood when she was 100, and at 102 still lived on her own and cooked for herself. She moved to Mollymook to live with her daughter six years ago.

Eva received birthday wishes from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Governor General of Australia Quentin Bryce, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the Governor of NSW Marie Bashir and NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Tribe Earth

This is our planned social media site which gives the tribal leaders in our communities around the world a chance to leave their wisdom on the web for eternity.   I am talking about our grand parents, great grand parents and even parents. For centuries the elders of a tribe would hand down teachings and wisdom to the younger tribal members, and unfortunately we don’t seem to be doing much of this these days – well at least not in the Western world.  I have a great deal of respect for individuals who have managed to live into their twilight years, and I am convinced that each one of them has at least one lesson they have learned that we could benefit from.  

Please go to the Join Us tab and enter your email address so that we are able to notify you when the site is ready for you to upload the photos and wisdom of your elders.

Living Life with Everything You Have!

The time has come to formally introduce you to my second lifetime and my new media identity. Please meet Reality Roz, author, speaker and motivator on all things anti-aging and longevity. I have spent the past 13 years studying and practicing the art of living younger and working out how to get more productivity out of my grey matter, aka my brain. Years ago it occured to me that I could chose to grow old at the current rate and spend just under half of my life time as an old forgotten person, or I could reframe my thinking and give myself a 10 – 15 year injection of time. This instant injection of time was not adding years onto the end but allowing me to literally become younger now and deferrring old age. Retirement is no where near the horizon and the world is just as exciting as it was when I was in my early 30’s. 

This site is about living life younger and larger.  I am constantly researching the latest anti-aging protocols, inlcuding the state of the art neoroplacticity which is the science of rewiring your brain.  Researching this material is a full time occupation and I have decided to save you the time and effort by publishing my findings here on this blog. It is also a platform for you to add your observations and findings as the more real life input we have the better our decisions will be.

Lets do this together,