Timeless Beauty

I have been absent from this blog for a couple of months because I have been deeply involved in two vastly different projects.  The first project is a wonderful project celebrating the beauty of women who have experienced life for more than four decades, and exemplify what it is to be youthful and exciting regardless of the years that have flown by.   The  project culminated in publishing a wonderful book that tells the stories of twelve Las Vegas woman who have overcome personal adversity and are living proof that you are as beautiful as you feel.

Maticia Sudah is the brain child behind the project, Sharon Chayra is the author who worked with each lady in telling their personal story and yourstrully is the photographer.   My brief was to portray each woman as naturally as they were comfortable with and capture their inner and outer beauty.

I was honored to be the one to capture the beauty of these wonderful women for all eternity.

The photo collage is comprised of a mix of ages ranging from 50 – 90 – incredible isn’t it 🙂

 timeless beauty

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