Why are some people old at 40 and others young at 90?

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Earlier this week I was asked to join Wayne Kelly on the Canadian morning radio show The Wayne and Jane Show to answer this question regarding people having different views on what is old.

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The main reason why people have such a different point of view about aging is that aging is PERSONAL.  It is a product of our state of mind and our state of mind has 2 fundamental states:

(a)   Core state of mind – this is your basic personality – e.g. you are a glass half full or half empty person, or you are an optimist or pessimist – these are your core characteristics that filter and influence your experience of the world around you.  Your core state of mind is shaped by your beliefs, and your beliefs are shaped by your experience of the world, e.g.  if your grandparents and other  family members all live through to their 90’s, there is good chance that you will grow up believing that will be kicking around in your 90’s, and unconsciously you will conduct your life accordingly.

Another less upbeat example is about a lady I know who is very worried about turning 40; she is always bemoaning the onset of her 40’s  and  her birthday is not for another 9 months!  Unfortunately, if she continues down this path she will have completely   convinced her unconscious that she will be old when she turns 40. There is a good chance that she is conveying to her unconscious that 40 is old at least 100 times a day. Wouldn’t you feel brain washed if someone was doing that to you 24/7.  Sadly, she is already showing signs of aging in her daily decision making.

I have been involved in living younger longer for many years and I have been quietly programming my mother’s unconscious to believe that she will live to at least 100 years of age.  I do this by casual remarks such as – you have another 20 years to go before we have to worry about a retirement home.  Mum has completely bought into this and only retired from the work force a couple of years ago at the age of 80.  We joke that she is hanging out for her 100th birthday congratulatory telegram from the Queen 🙂

(b)   Temporary state of mind – this is a transient state and can change constantly throughout the day, i.e. you feel miserable because you have the flu; right now I feel old because I had a serious kick boxing class last night and I have to use the balustrade when coming up the stairs.

The deal is that aging is personal and is subject to your beliefs – and this is great news !!  – because it  means that you can manipulate it and change your aging.

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