Chapter 2 – What does being old look like to you?

Before you can reset your inner clock and learn how to  live younger longer you need to check into your current mind set on what being ‘old’ means to you. 

Here are a few questions to help you paint the picture and feel the feeling of being of what being 80 plus means to you.


  • Are you happy?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you have family and friends to connect with?
  • Are you stressed over life?
  • Are you counting down the days?
  • Are you beating yourself up with regret?


  • Are you overweight or did you manage to keep it under control?
  • Are you able to get around without the aid of a walking frame?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you have a laundry list of medicines you have to take daily?
  • Are you able to look after yourself?
  • Are you able to join your family in outings and events?
  • Can you live unassisted?


  • Do you have enough money to do the things you want to do?
  • Are you dependent on the government pension?
  • Can you pay for your daily living?
  • Do you have ‘rainy day’ savings?


  • What do you do with your time?
  • Where do you live?
  • What type of place do you live in?
  • Do you live alone or with someone?

Now close your eyes, take a couple of slow deep breaths, and imagine youself as chronologically 80 or older. To help with the experience, add some feeling to it, e.g. if you see yourself living on the government pension then imagine how you feel now when you have to think twice or bypass buying soemthing that you want or more importantly need. When you have this feeling project it into the future and apply it to everyday not just now and then.  Once you are on the government old age pension it is probably a done deal unless you win first prize in lotto. 

What images came to mind when you projected your throughts into the future’?   

Did you imagine a wonderful healthy exciting 80th birthday or was it more sobering?

You are probably wondering what this exercise has to do with thinking younger longer.  The answer is twofold:

  • You need to think ahead so that you have time to plan and work towards the future you want.
  • If your future does not seem so wonderful, you now have a reason and time to change your future by changing your state of mind and habits today.

‘Change requires a big enough WHY before you have any chance of changing!’


‘We humans are more motivated by fear and pain than we are of happiness and pleasure.’

You are so busy with today and what you are doing later in the week, month or year that you probably never seriously think about what it is going to be like when your Old Age Express train pulls into the ‘old age’ station.  You are not alone.None of us wants to think about being old, wrinkly, losing our independence, budgeting on the government pension, and it just seems so far away.

I remember seeing my Chinese grandma counting her pennies trying to work out if she had enough money to buy milk and bread at the same time.  It brings me to tears even now as I am writing this post. It doesn’t seem fair that a woman who has lived for 92 years, survived 2 wars, escaped Communism, raised two boys, resulting in 10 grand-children and many great grand-children couldn’t enjoy the simple things like buying bread and milk in her twilight years without worry. 

 Does it seem right to you?  Is this going to be you in a few years time?


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3 Responses to “Chapter 2 – What does being old look like to you?”
  1. Amanda says:

    I agree with Bunker; very insightful. I do not fit into your “stereotypical demographics”, as marketers would say. I am 29, but this helps me visualize, realize, and fear the track my current train is taking. And, as you noted, I am very much so motivated by fear. I’ve never been this greatful to anyone for installing fear in me! Thank you!

    • Reality Roz says:

      Welcome Amanda, what a delight it is to hear from someone who is starting out on life. You are certainly a lucky lady because you can jump off the old age express early and create a wonderful personal life and future.
      I would love to read you views on some of the topics I post as we move through the future. Live young longer – Roselyn

  2. Bunker says:


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