Chapter 1 continued

Following on from the Chapter 1   post we are now going to look at the 8 most toxic feeders to your premature aging virus (PAV) starting with …………..


Enemy #1 – Advertisers


You may not actively listen or watch the advertisements on television or read the adverts in your magazines and newspapers however your unconscious is taking it all in. Advertising companies use stereotyping and categorizing when designing their campaigns.  This is because it is the most expeditious way to make their pitch in sixty seconds.   A stereotype is a generally accepted set of characteristics defining a group.  As individuals we also use stereotypes and categories to make sense of the world.  We know that people are individuals and do not always conform to the stereotypical however we generally don’t have the time or the inclination to differentiate unless it is of direct relevance to our conscious self. The added unfortunate aspect to stereotyping in advertising is that they often exaggerate the group characteristics that best suit their agenda.  The use of stereotypes in advertising applies to all forms of traditional and electronic media.


What is the stereotype for people who are 50+?  Have you seen the advert showing a friendly smiley couple dressed in Argyle sweaters hugging mugs of hot coco discussing insuring their kids against funeral expenses?   Have you seen how people who need walkers and canes are always depicted as elderly?  The list goes on forever.


The exciting lifestyle adverts in the majority of instances depict happy colorful people under the age of thirty-five, and on the odd occasion when an older person participates in an advert their character is depicted as slow, doddery and old fashioned.  How many prescription drug adverts portray middle-aged and elderly people in a negative light? Our unconscious responds to this stereotype, translating the images for our brain and enhancing our internal representation of what it is to be young and alive versus old and out of date.  Over a week let alone a lifetime, your unconscious is continually bombarded with these images which have a direct affect on your state of being and your beliefs about age and where you are in your time line.  It is hard to fight the tidal wave of stereotypical advertising but your life may depend on it.

  Awareness is the first step in the fight for your life.


I would love to hear about other examples of stereotyping people over 50 as old, unhealthy, in  a negative light. If you have examples please leave a comment and it could get into the book as your contribution to the fight against premature aging.   cheers Roz




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