Chapter 1: The Premature Aging Virus

The following post is the first extract from Reset Your Inner Clock and Jump off the Old Age Express.


Chapter 1:  The Premature Aging Virus™

There is a good chance that you have had the Premature Aging Virus™ (PAV) or a strain of it ever since the day you were born. The PAV is a man made virus which makes sure you are moving through life in accordance with your family, ethnicity, culture, gender, and birth year. 

 The literal meaning of PAV according to the * Webster’s Dictionary is:

  • ·         Premature:    Mature or ripe before the proper time – happening, arriving, existing or performed before the proper time – arriving or received without due authentication or evidence – uncommonly early.
  • ·          Aging:            The organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age.
  • ·          Virus:             Contagious or poisonous matter – the causative agent of a disease – any morbid corrupting quality in intellectual or moral conditions; something that poisons the mind or the soul.

 *              Webster’s 1913 On-line Dictionary and WordNet Dictionary, subset of meanings.

 Sounds nasty doesn’t it, and well it should because it could easily rob you of decades of productive and exciting life.  Premature Aging Virus ™ (PAV) is the term I have created to describe how your environment works with your unconscious to prematurely age you.    

The gist of it is that your environment feeds your unconscious every second of your waking life. In the majority of cases this happens without you being remotely aware or concerned, as you and your conscious self are busy getting on with whatever it is that you do. The sad fact is that while you are busy living life your unconscious is unfettered busily sucking-up information from your surroundings, translating it into neuron speak and storing these interpretations for possible use at a later date.

 Your unconscious mind is capable of processing in excess of 11,000,000 bits of information per second as compared to your conscious brain which is pushing it to process 16 – 50 bits per second.  Just this fact alone is enough to give you nose bleed. Right now you are wondering how on earth can you vet this amount of information your unconscious is sucking up and continue to have brain power left to eat and breath.  True this is an impossible task if it is as black and white as the figures make it seem, however fortunately for you and me the solution is in the detail.   Before we get into how this works we need to understand more about the PAV and its relationship with the Old Age Express.

 The Old Age Express is the vehicle that picks you up the day you are born and takes you through life, stopping or passing through ages like stations on a train line.  Just like passengers on a real train you settle in and watch the country side zoom by.  It doesn’t take long for the rhythmic sound of the train and the gentle rocking motion to dull your senses as you leave the speed and route up to the driver.    

 A typical Old Age Express journey for someone born in Western society during the 50’s and 60’s goes like this:

  • ·         Station 4 – pre-school
  • ·         Station 5 – primary school
  • ·         Stations 11 – 14 junior high school
  • ·         Stations 15 – 17 college or working
  • ·         Stations 18 – 20 university or working
  • ·         Stations 21 – 30 start career, marriage, start family
  • ·         Stations 31 – 40 career peaks and family matures
  • ·         Stations 41 – 50 career slowing down, family spread out
  • ·         Stations 51 – 65 career growth stopping, moving towards redundancy and retirement
  • ·         Stations 66 – 85 – retired, old age, end of the line

 Obviously there are thousands of variations to this life time line but the key stations are pretty much a constant. Take a good look at it. You spend your first twenty years getting to be an adult, you then get to spend only twenty years in full flight as an adult and then you spend the remaining forty-five years on the way out.   Does this seem fare to you?  Sure doesn’t look good to me.

 There are certain stages in your early years that make good sense to stay on the train however by the time you are in your twenties you could potentially jump off the train and take control of your life time line and aging process. 


Exercise: Now is a good time for you to draw up your personal train line so far. Start as far back as you can remember and stop where you are at now; you are going to need it later on.  Don’t spend hours on it just headings or bullet points will do, and if you are feeling ambitious, predict what your future stations will be if you stay on the train. At the top of your page please add the date and time you mapped out this version of your train line.


If you have not reached conventional middle age please stay with us it means that you are one of the lucky ones who can make an impact much earlier in your life’s journey. For the most part I will assume that you are chronologically 45 – 65, and living in the Western world.  Growing up in Asia and in the East is somewhat different however I believe the train concept still prevails.  The impact of the Premature Aging Virus™ increases intensity around middle age, sometimes earlier depending on your environment and your lifestyle.


The PVA is a composite of inputs to your unconscious which influences your beliefs, your decision making and your experience of the world.  It is fed by your surroundings, your family, friends, the media, government, insurance companies, banks, medical profession, in short, everything.

 Scary isn’t it? Can you see how people and events surrounding you have at times influenced your opinions and then your beliefs?  The PAV is insidious and works like a virus which attacks your computer and jams up your system over a period of time – it is not until your computer comes to a grinding halt that you start to wonder what happened and set about virus protecting your computer.  You don’t think twice about protecting your computer so how about transferring some of that love and attention to your true personal computer, you.

 The next post will reveal the 8 key feeders of the Premature Aging Virus.


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