Baby Boomer Divorce Wave Headed for a Tsunami

It seems that the divorce rate increased rapidly with the Baby Boomer wave and is picking up momentum as the wave reaches retirment and beyond.  In previous generations, the main cause of married older men and women finding themselves single was due to the death of their spouse.  These days it is more likely due to divorce.  A few of the easily understood reasons for this are; women are more able to fend for themselves financially, the ’empty nest’ phase is much longer and our patience is stretched to breaking point and divorce is far more acceptable in our society. 

You however do not have to become another statistic and get wiped out by the wave.  The upside to this latest statistic for you is awareness.  You now know what the trend is and you also know that you can now do something about it.

The first step is for you and your life partner to spend a few minutes to map out your individual life timeline and what you see are the most significant upcoming stations.  Remember, the Old Age Express stations we talked about in an earlier blog post.

The second step is to compare the train line and stations.  If they match beautifully then stop reading this post and go out together and have some fun, on the other hand if there are some mismatches or surprises, you need to put on a pot of coffee, tune out the rest of the world and talk about your future stations in life.  Talking and even more importantly listening are the magic keys to opening the door to the path of solving many problems, including how to avoid being a divorce tsunami statistic. 

Developing a joint plan on living younger longer is an exciting project and the enthusiasm more than doubles when you hold hands and jump off the old Age Express together. 

 Not bad for a couple of Baby Boomers 🙂

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