Performing in Accordance with Expectations

We have all heard the story of the failing students who turned into honor students when their new teacher mistakingly believed they were the honors class.  It is true. We humans generally try to meet people’s expectations of us, albeit positive or negative.  Think, have you ever done something out of spite just because no matter what you did or said, the other person was convinced you would do. How about the time you went on a diet and your best mate said that you would give in when it came to chocolate? When the time came, did you say to yourself, ‘I may as well eat the chocolate because that’s what I do.’ 

We probably spend most of our time trying to meet everyone’s expectations of us, however when was the last time you considered what YOU EXPECT OF YOURSELF?  Hmm, interesting isn’t it. 

 In Reset Your Inner Clock we go into this extensively because it is one of the major factors promoting your premature aging, but don’t wait for the book, start now.    

I suggest that you take out your personal note book – yes you will need one – and jot down some of your self expectations.  Classify them as either positive or negative, and try re-framing or replacing the negative ones, starting today.

Note: The guitarist here is giving it everything he has because he is playing with the 80’s hit band Survivor, and he knows the live audience is expecting great things and he naturally wants to deliver. He was brilliant 🙂


2 Responses to “Performing in Accordance with Expectations”
  1. bessere welt says:

    Appreciate it for sharing the information with us.

  2. Bunker says:

    This is very true.
    …even if you are a very self confident person, you are swayed by others opinions;
    …or their expectations.
    We should all have a personal notebook for thoughts and traits. VERY good idea.

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