Jump off the Old Age Express NOW!!

A typical Old Age Express journey for someone born in Western society during the 50’s and 60’s goes like this:

  • Station 4 – pre-school
  • Station 5 – primary school
  • Stations 11 – 14 junior high school
  • Stations 15 – 17 college or working
  • Stations 18 – 20 university or working
  • Stations 21 – 30 start career, marriage, start family
  • Stations 31 – 40 career peaks and family matures
  • Stations 41 – 50 career slowing down, family spread out
  • Stations 51 – 65 career growth stopping, moving towards redundancy and retirement
  • Stations 66 – 85 – retired, old age, end of the line

7 Responses to “Jump off the Old Age Express NOW!!”
  1. Reality Roz says:

    Thank-you for visiting us. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for all of us.

  2. Dee says:

    I am already your biggest fan! You’re such an inspiration and I can hardly wait for your book.

    • Reality Roz says:

      Thanks mate. Hopefully with this blog you won’t have to wait for the book because I will be covering some of the points through my posts. I think you might have just jumped off the Old Age Express – is that right, and if so how is it oging?

  3. Bunker says:

    Reality Roz..Love the stations and the old age express concept!

    • Jackie Rio says:

      I jumped off the train at Station 54 and currently experiencing the ride of my life! I highly recommend taking the leap. Great post Roz! I look forward to more!

      • Reality Roz says:

        Thanks mate ! Jumping off and creating a second lifetime is an exciting adventure – you get to meet like minded people along the way and this makes the trip even more colorful and fun.

    • Reality Roz says:

      Thanks Bunker. Have you jumped off the Old Age Express?

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