Living Life with Everything You Have!

The time has come to formally introduce you to my second lifetime and my new media identity. Please meet Reality Roz, author, speaker and motivator on all things anti-aging and longevity. I have spent the past 13 years studying and practicing the art of living younger and working out how to get more productivity out of my grey matter, aka my brain. Years ago it occured to me that I could chose to grow old at the current rate and spend just under half of my life time as an old forgotten person, or I could reframe my thinking and give myself a 10 – 15 year injection of time. This instant injection of time was not adding years onto the end but allowing me to literally become younger now and deferrring old age. Retirement is no where near the horizon and the world is just as exciting as it was when I was in my early 30’s. 

This site is about living life younger and larger.  I am constantly researching the latest anti-aging protocols, inlcuding the state of the art neoroplacticity which is the science of rewiring your brain.  Researching this material is a full time occupation and I have decided to save you the time and effort by publishing my findings here on this blog. It is also a platform for you to add your observations and findings as the more real life input we have the better our decisions will be.

Lets do this together,





5 Responses to “Living Life with Everything You Have!”
  1. Ellen Troyer says:

    Speaking as a very active female CEO in her 70s, I’m sorry you are so focused on anti-aging. Age management is far more positive. It saddens me that many women put so much time and energy into trying to stay young. Every decade is precious and not to be missed because we either live in the past or the future. Staying present is far more productive.

    • Reality Roz says:

      It is great to hear from someone who is happy with their life and where it is going.

      I am focused on aging at the rate most appropriate for my life time and is more in line with age management as you so eloquently put it than the traditional understanding of anti-aging. Staying in the present is what Reset Your Inner Clock is about – it is a book aimed at helping people fight against external influences that try to age us before our time.

      Traditional anti-aging covers the physical, pharmaceutical and medical anti-aging arenas which I specifically do not write about. I am more interested in helping people become aware of the aging influences around us and how to retrain our thinking so that we have a fighting chance against them.
      My passion is to help people understand how to use the wisdom of their age and combine it with the enthusiasm of youth to stay in the game – if they wish.

      I understand that what I am writing about is not for everyone; billions of people are happy on the train and there is nothing wrong with that. I just happen to be someone who jumped off and found it difficult at first and finally worked out how to live life more on my own terms. It occurred to me that I can’t be the only person who looked into the future and didn’t like what they saw, so I decided to write for people who have decided or are thinking about wanting to get off the train and need information and ideas.

      Yesterday I received 3 emails. One email agreed with everything I wrote and the writer is very keen to meet me one day. One was from someone who decided they were happy on the train and that this was not for them, and yours which voiced a difference of opinion. Three emails covering the whole gambit.

      I thank all three contributors as you have helped me to further crystallize my position and my thinking and I appreciate this greatly.

      cheers, and live younger longer

  2. John says:

    Hi Ros,

    Well done getting this site together and the schedule for the book. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

    I have to agree with Gary, retirement happens when I stop breathing one day in the future. But until then there is too much to do and explore in this world.


  3. Gary says:

    Great thoughts and great photo to carry the thought visually!! Retire–the day that I drop is when I will–until then it’s live it to the fullest –always in pursuit of my Quest!!!!!

    • Reality Roz says:

      Thanks Gary – I agree about retiring – I think I am scheduled to retire at 110. I have a question for you – is your Quest the same as your purpose or passion, or is it the process of living your purpose or passion?

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